Sense-T was a first mover in the internet of things and big data in Tasmania. We are using data, sensing technologies and data analytics to help see alignments and opportunities, to improve decision making and create real impact.

Sense-T is helping farmers improve yields, and helping the wine industry better understand disease. We are helping people breathe easier and improving their quality of life. We are transforming Tasmanian food value chains, and helping the salmon industry improve environmental practices. We are tracking tourist's movements that provide industry insights and enhance visitor experience.

The potential of how we work with data and how we apply it are infinite.

Based at the University of Tasmania, Sense-T is a partnership between the University, CSIRO and the Tasmanian Government, and is also funded by the Australian Government.

View 2016 Sense-T Prospectus below:

Some of the ways Sense-T is working