New Sensing Technology

Sarah Andrewartha tests the oyster

CSIRO scientist Sarah Andrewartha tests the oyster sensor

sensor prototype by grey innovation

New sensor prototypes designed by Grey Innovation

Sense-T is working with researchers and commercial partners to develop the next generation of sensing technology.

This includes:

  • Commercial sensor systems designed by Grey Innovation that are cost-effective, quick to install and easy to operate. The sensors use a wireless network within each farm, and the National Broadband Network or 3G backhaul. Each installation can support thousands of separate sensor points and include sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature at various depths, above ground temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and leaf wetness. Trials are underway at a number of vineyards and dairy farms throughout Tasmania. The full products, together with easy-to-use apps, will be available on the commercial market.
  • Sensors that measure the heartbeats of oysters. CSIRO scientists have developed sensors that are attached to oysters to measure their heart rate, temperature, feeding, and position in the water column. The real-time data can be used to optimise oyster production. It is also hoped that the sensors will help identify hard-to-measure pollutants in the water.
  • Sensors that can be embedded in packaging to track food throughout a supply chain, recording real-time data on factors vital to food stability.

Sense-T is also working closely with Grey Innovation to investigate the establishment of an advanced electronics manufacturing facility in Hobart. The facility would collaborate with industry and researchers to fast track the commercialisation of new sensor technology.