Sense-T Logistics Lab

Using data analytics and sensor technology to provide customised logistics solutions

Who we are

As an island State with industries and population evenly dispersed over a wide area, Tasmania is an ideal place to research, test and implement new and better ways of managing freight and logistics.Logistics Lab launch

The Sense-T Logistics Lab is based at the the University of Tasmania's Sandy Bay campus.

It brings together a team of transport and logistics experts, software engineers, mathematicians, and software developers that provide a multi-disciplinary approach to developing customised solutions.

The Logistics Lab undertakes practical industry research into ways sensor technology and data analytics can be used to solve problems and achieve efficiencies in freight, logistics and supply chains in Tasmania.

At the launch of the Sense-T Logistics Lab (left to right): Prof Peter Rathjen, University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor, Dr Stephen Cahoon, Sense-T Logistics Lab Director, Rob Fitzpatrick, NICTA Director of Infrastructure, Transport & Logistics, and Senator Stephen Parry, President of the Senate.


The Logistics Lab was created to extend the capabilities of Sense-T into transport and logistics by combining innovative research and technological expertise to achieve improvements in industry performance and State economic growth.

More specifically, the role of the Sense-T Logistics Lab is to create industry solutions by utilising data analytics and sensor technology to achieve efficiencies in logistics, transport, freight, and supply chains in Tasmania. This may include providing an end-to-end analysis of supply chains to identify optimised solutions and cost efficiencies.

Our expertise and capabilities

A typical approach to developing solutions may be:

  1. Data acquisition from systems and sensors
  2. Conceptual design
  3. Employing data analytic techniques
  4. Testing data outputs through scenarios
  5. Developing visualisation tools for managerial decision-making

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Our staff

Logistics Lab staff

Sense-T Logistics Lab staff (left to right): Research Engineer Dr Warwick Gillespie, Research Engineer Chris Boucher and Simon Edwards, Senior Web Application Engineer.

Dr Stephen Cahoon, Director: 

Prior to this role Stephen was the Head of the Department of Maritime and Logistics Management for seven years at the Australian Maritime College (UTAS). Stephen has a strong interest in logistics, transport, and maritime related issues in Tasmania, nationally and internationally as evidenced by his involvement on industry and academic committees at all three levels.  In addition, he is an Associate Editor of the Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Marine Science and Technology.  He holds a PhD in seaport marketing strategy, a BCom(Hons) in industrial relations and a BBus in human resource management.  He currently supervises ten PhD candidates in fields related to logistics, supply chain management, shipping, and port management.

Dr Warwick Gillespie, Research Engineer:

Warwick spent five years at Myriax, a Hobart based Software Company, as Technical Support and Product Manager on the Eonfusion software project, a multi-dimensional GIS package for analysis and visualisation of time-varying geospatial data.  He has also lectured in Engineering at the University of Tasmania.  Warwick has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) with First Class Honours and a PhD, both at UTAS.  His PhD research focused on content-based video indexing and retrieval, developing video processing techniques to define feature metrics, and investigating machine learning algorithms to perform classification and indexing.

Chris Boucher, Research Engineer:

Chris has been involved in sensor design and manufacture, data collection, data analysis, and computational intelligence application development since 1986.  He has worked in support of research in neurophysiology, Antarctic marine science and atmospheric physics, and more recently, finance.

Simon Edwards, Senior Web Application Engineer:

Simon has been working with technology companies since 1990 and has gained a wealth of experience in research and development.  He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics, Hons) and areas of research have included embedded systems, refrigeration technologies, X-band radar, precision temperature control systems, and neural networks.  Simon has over 15 years experience in IT and comercialisation and founded a successful startup in 2000, developing bespoke networked applications/software products. He also has extensive experience architecting applications streamline compliance and business processes in various industries.

The Sense-T Logistics Lab is jointly funded by the Australian Government, through funds provided to the University of Tasmania for Sense-T from the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan.