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Transforming our World with Data

"Innovation keeps us competitive. It keeps us at the cutting edge. It creates jobs.
And it will keep our standard of living high."

Commonwealth of Australia, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, National Innovation and Science Agenda

There will be nine billion people on the planet by 2050. We have to find new ways of living together and with our environment.  Tasmania - Australia's southern island state - is using technology to face this challenge.  Tasmania is the ideal location to demonstrate Sense-T. It's small enough to make it happen and big enough to make it worth doing. Tasmania is an island of 68,000 square kilometres with a mix of urban, rural and wilderness areas.  It's home to a thriving research community and has maintained unique data sets on the population and environment.

Sense-T will establish Tasmania as a living laboratory, where shared data drives new approaches to social, environmental and economic sustainability. New ideas can be tested using Sense-T and scaled cost-effectively elsewhere.

Sense-T was a first mover in the internet of things and big data in Tasmania. Over the past 8 years we have pioneered data led translational research and innovation in the areas of agriculture, logistics, environmental management and data science, as well as sensor manufacturing.

We have built a state of the art spatio-temporal data platform which has been commercialised by DATA61 and an advanced sensor manufacturing facility in partnership with Definium Technologies. This capability allows real time information delivery of relevant data that was previously inaccessible. Tasmania is now ideally placed to offer end to end IOT and data solutions. By creating a digital view of the Tasmania, we are creating tools to solve practical problems and make better decisions.

The environment we have created in Tasmania has enabled us to trial and test new ideas, business models, and importantly, create demonstrated impact and results through our data driven projects.

We continue to transfer this cutting edge research and innovation from inception to commercialisation. We want to keep this momentum growing and delivering even greater impact for industry, government and community. Sense-T is committed to making global networks, leading expertise and commercialisation pathways accessible to those who work with us.

With more than 30 major research projects completed, we continue to work with our partners on cutting edge innovation and data driven solutions to improve their decision-making.

The Sense-T Mission

To use Tasmania as an environment for data led transformation.

To bring together data and domain scientists, accessible data sources and real-time sensing technology to solve demand driven practical challenges and develop real-world solutions.

To improve decision making for industry, government and community by using data to enhance economic, environmental and social value.