Why Sense-T

Research and innovation capability

Sense-T provides leading expertise in:

Data science: sensing technology, real time data, data analytics, machine learning, human interface technology, and optimisation.

Domain science: We offer access to leading researchers in the areas of agriculture, aquaculture, health, tourism, logistics, freight, transport and finance.

Proof of concept and development to take research out of the lab: application development, demonstrations, trials, system and technology development.

Sense-T Data Platform

We have built an innovative spatio-temporal Data Platform that allows near real-time data to be processed and combined. With the growth of the IOT sector, the Platform enables industry partners and government to store data related to the physical world, and place it in the context of time and space. Decisions can then be made based on the location and context for their specific needs.

The Sense-T Data Platform also provides a unique foundation for protecting confidential information and enabling re use and sharing of data as appropriate. The Platform is a central hub where data can be drawn into an ecosystem of external applications specific to industry sectors.

With more than 18,000 data streams available on the platform and over ten organisations currently contributing, using and sharing the data, Sense-T has created a unique ecosystem that enables users to make informed production and operational decisions. We are continuing to grow the platform and increase the data streams, as we work on projects.


Tasmania is the ideal location to demonstrate the value Sense-T offers. We can harness Tasmania's economies of scale and close relationships between industry, government and the community. Tasmania is the ideal size to bring ideas to life and to validate data driven innovation and create impact.

Key advantages:

  • Internationally renowned research community
  • Advanced economy based on primary production
  • Global leader in marine, agricultural science and data science
  • Ease of access to urban, wilderness and rural areas


Data creates opportunity to transform industry, government and community. Sense-T changes the perceptions of industry and business, and together, we work to discover the possibilities and impact of data driven transformation.

Sense-T is currently engaging commercial partners and opportunities to further leverage our current Industry Projects.

We have developed a range of IP that is ready for commercialisation and licencing, including decision support tools for agriculture and aquaculture and an air quality monitoring system for respiratory health management.