Abalones get their own sensor backpacks

Not to be outdone by their oyster cousins, abalones are now suiting up with sensors. The team behind the world's first bio-sensor for oysters is now measuring abalone heart rates in the lab.

Meanwhile, both Ozzie the Oyster and his sensor are still going strong down at the wharf.

"We're really happy with how the sensor is holding up in the ocean environment. It's tough to design equipment that can withstand the salt and the waves," says John McCulloch, CSIRO scientist.

The sensor is tracking Ozzie's heartbeat, feeding patterns and other data that might ultimately help oyster farmers to optimise production. The team are gearing up to deploy both the oyster and abalone technologies on aquaculture farms.

The trials with oysters and abalones are part of the Sense-T Aquaculture Project.

Abalone sensor

Photo: Testing the sensors on an abalone in the lab

Published on: 06 Mar 2014