Intel researchers seek insights from Sense-T

A team of researchers from Intel's prestigious User Experience Research Lab in Portland, USA, toured Tasmania to learn more about Sense-T.

Intel researchers at Flowerdale farmTaking in all four corners of the state, the researchers met the people behind Sense-T including the farmers, scientists and industry bodies driving the unique program.

Intel is particularly interested in Sense-T as a leading example of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) in action.

IoT is the latest buzz phrase to describe the next generation of the Internet that connects people, places, things and animals in a way never before imagined.

The User Experience Research Lab carries out novel research into technology from the perspective of social sciences – that is, how people use technology.

Researchers study how people live, work and play to guide Intel on future product developments. The team is led by the highly-respected Australian anthropologist, Genevieve Bell.

Image: Rob Sadler of Flowerdale Flowers talks with Intel researchers Matthew Jones, Richard Beckwith and Peter Levin.

Published on: 01 Aug 2014