Message from the Director

Sense-T was established two years ago. This foundation period has been exciting, challenging, rewarding and sometimes a bit scary as we figured out a way to do what no one has ever done before.

Sense-T is unique. There is no roadmap to building it. We're fortunate that some paths have been paved by others, such scientists at the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and Sirca. Other roads have not been so clearly marked.

I am immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve within two years, building on the work of CSIRO and university colleagues before us.Ros Harvey

Sense-T now supports more than 50 full-time equivalent jobs and is working with nearly 100 researchers across our partners. We've developed prototype tools to support farmers. Our big data engine is getting ready for a 24/7 commercial environment thanks to our collaboration with Sirca.

Our research projects continue to generate new knowledge that will drive innovation and we are establishing an Industrial Research Transformation Hub thanks to funding from the Australian Research Council.

We have also shone an international spotlight on Sense-T through our research partnerships and presentations to global audiences.

The foundation period is complete and we have done what we set out to achieve – we have demonstrated the immense value that will flow from Sense-T, we've created the elements to make it work and we've got a gun team of researchers, engineers and project managers.

Stage 2 involves putting this all together and getting our research out of laboratories and into the hands of farmers. We will continue our ground-breaking agricultural research and look to expand into other areas such as freight and logistics, eHealth and financial markets.

We will also make sure that the big data engine is capable of supporting businesses, government, researchers and the community as an unparalleled source of information to drive innovation.

This next stage of Sense-T is only possible because of the Australian Government's commitment to the Program and the strong tri-partisan support of state and federal politicians, past and present.

We are extremely grateful for the $13 million in Australian Government funding for Stage 2. We are committed to spending this money wisely and for the benefit of Tasmania.

Published on: 13 Jun 2014