Message from the Director

I'm honoured and excited to take the reins at Sense-T as Acting Director. Ros Harvey certainly leaves big shoes to fill!

Thanks to her relentless energy and drive Sense-T has achieved an incredible amount over the past two years (see the Foundation Report).

Ros now brings the same passion to her new role as Founding CEO of Sense-Co, the Sense-T spin-off recently established by the University of Tasmania.

Sense-T and Sense-Co continue to work side by side on a shared vision, with Sense-T focussing on supporting cutting-edge, data-driven research and Sense-Co getting research out of the lab and into the hands of farmers.

This separation gives each organisation a much clearer remit and purpose, driving a much sharper focus for Sense-T in developing and providing elite research support services.

Together the two form an ecosystem where research feeds into practical commercial applications for industry, which in turn feed data and resources back into research. Portrait photo of Mike Briers

For me, this role is a homecoming. I grew up in Moonah and studied at the University of Tasmania. I am currently dividing my time between Hobart and Sydney, where I continue to lead Sirca, the organisation I co-founded 15 years ago.

Sirca is now the world's preeminent financial market knowledge infrastructure provider, delivering big data and technology services to more than 600 universities, regulators and commercial clients globally.

There are a lot of parallels between Sirca and Sense-T, indeed the two organisations are driven by very similar values and goals. Sirca started as a collaboration between research institutions backed by government funding and went on to spin off a number of highly successful commercial ventures. 

Sirca now works very closely with the Sense-T and Sense-Co teams to develop the big data platform that ingests and distributes sensor data. Over the time we've been working together, I've been immensely impressed by their professionalism, skills and dedication to getting things done. It's a great pleasure to become part of the Sense-T team.

There are a number of exciting new initiatives on the horizon for Sense-T, as well as new roles to be filled. We are also about to launch an expressions of interest process for the next round of Sense-T research projects.

I look forward to keeping you updated on how these projects and roles are progressing and working with you to deliver on our vision for Sense-T.

Published on: 28 Oct 2014