New AirRater app to help Tasmanians breathe easier

Thousands of Tasmanians who suffer from conditions such as asthma and hay fever will be helped to breathe a little easier thanks to a new smartphone app created by the Sense-T AirRater project.

The AirRater app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, will alert vulnerable Tasmanians when they are at risk from air-borne pollutants such as pollen and smoke.AirRater launch

At the same time, AirRater will collect valuable information from users to allow researchers to better understand and respond to the health impacts of air pollution.

The app was launched by the President of the Senate, Senator Stephen Parry, and Tasmanian Health Minister Michael Ferguson.

Pictured, right, Tasmanian Health Minister Michael Ferguson

 and Senator Stephen Parry launch the AirRater app.

The AirRater app combines data from new air-quality sensors installed across Tasmania with real-time weather data and forecasts to give users information about the current levels of potential triggers in their immediate area.

Over time, AirRater will provide individualised reports showing each user how environmental conditions impacted their symptoms and alerting them when those conditions exist or are forecast.

The AirRater project is led by Dr Fay Johnston from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research and funded by the Australian Government, with in-kind contributions from the University of Tasmania and its research partners.

The project team includes leading environmental health researchers and experts from Menzies, UTAS School of Biological Sciences, the Tasmanian Environmental Protection Agency, CSIRO, ANU and the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.More information about the AirRater project is availablehere


Published on: 28 Oct 2015