Proposals sought for $6m industry research projects

If you're a researcher who's passionate about using data to help make Tasmania (and the world) a better place, Sense-T has an opportunity for you!

Proposals are now being sought for leading edge industry research in applied sensor technology and data science that will support industry innovation and economic growth in Tasmania.

Funding of up to $6 million is available for around 10 industry research projects to be completed by the end of 2016.

The projects will receive up to $600 000 each for research across a wide range of areas in the fields of agriculture (including food, fisheries and forestry), tourism, health, new financial services, and infrastructure, freight and logistics.

The projects will build on the achievements of Sense-T's Stage 1 research projects, undertaken in partnership with the CSIRO, which have focused on using sensors and data analytics to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

The initial projects, which began in 2012 and will be completed early in 2015, included work in beef and dairy, viticulture, aquaculture and water management.

We're now expanding our program beyond agriculture as part of our plan to use sensor technology and data analytics to benefit the whole Tasmanian economy.

The Stage 2 industry research projects are part of four work packages being funded by the Australian Government, with $13 million allocated to the University of Tasmania for the entire program under the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan.

The new projects must be completed by 31 December 2016, with proposals to be submitted by the 15th of March 2015.

For further information, contact Sense-T Program Manager Dr Robin Fieldhouse on 6226 2951 or go to our Project page.


Published on: 22 Jan 2015