Sense-T part of new national data research institute

Sense-T will work with leading Australian data innovators and international giants Bosch and Cisco to put Australia at the forefront of the global digital economy following this week's launch of the new Knowledge Economy Institute (KEi).

KEi logoThrough Sense-T, the University of Tasmania is a founding research partner of the KEi, an initiative of Sydney-based data analytics provider Sirca. 

The Institute will use data research to help business, government and researchers across the Australian economy to solve complex problems, increase competitiveness and create jobs.

The KEi is a natural fit for the University of Tasmania, replicating on a national, economy-wide scale the work that Sense-T is currently carrying out in agriculture in Tasmania, and Sense-T will play a key role when the KEi undertakes work in agricultural research.

Visit the KEi website here.

Published on: 27 Mar 2015