Sense-T Robots!

Meet Husky, the newest addition to the Sense-T team. Husky has all-terrain capabilities and can carry 20kg. She also has a 360 degree laser scanner for avoiding crashes, a GPS to find her current location and twin cameras for stereo vision.

The Robot will be used across a broad range of activities in Sense-T such as autonomously mapping botrytis in vineyards and producing maps of pasture biomass on beef and dairy farms.

The team is currently testing Husky's navigation systems so they can set paths for her to follow.

Husky's vital stats

Top speed: 3.6 km/h

Maximum climb angle: 45 degrees  

Runtime on a single charge: 3 hours

Operating temperature: -10 degC to +30 degC

CSIRO Scientist Claire D'Este 

Photo: CSIRO Scientist Claire D'Este takes Husky for a test drive.

Published on: 20 Feb 2014