Staff changes at Sense-T and Sense-Co

The creation of Sense-Co, the commercial spin-off of Sense- T, has led to a number of staff movements between the two organisations as well as some new appointments. (see below for the list of inaugural Sense-Co staff and updated Sense-T staff).

John Macleod has joined Sense-T from the Tasmanian Government as Business Development Manager.

And Sense-T Communications Manager Megan Tudehope has begun maternity leave (best wishes and good luck Megan!) and has been replaced by Andrew Rhodes, who has extensive experience as a journalist, communications consultant, and media adviser in the ACT and Tasmanian governments.

Ros Harvey, Founding CEO
Amanda Castray, Head of Operations
John McGee, Head of Infrastructure
Libby Graham, User Experience Project Coordinator
Ben Clews, Architecture Coordinator
Abigail Shelley, Lawyer

Mike Briers, Acting Director
Jen Makin, Program Manager
Andrew Rhodes, Communications Manager
John Macleod, Business Development Manager
Robin Fieldhouse, Pathways to Market Program Manager
Debbie Mikusz, Executive Assistant to the Director (both Sense-T and Sense-Co)
Brigid Morrison, Agricultural Projects Coordinator

Published on: 28 Oct 2014