Strong industry interest in Sensing Tourist Travel project

Thirty people from across the Tasmanian tourism industry have been given an insight into Sense-T's innovative Sensing Tourist Travel project at an industry forum in Hobart.

Sensing Tourist Travel project industry forumMajor hotel chains, small business operators, government and industry bodies were all represented at the forum, with University of Tasmania Project Leads Professor Richard Eccleston and Dr Anne Hardy explaining how the project will work and seeking industry feedback and suggestions.

The project will use real-time sensor-generated data to answer key questions about where different cohorts of tourists travel and how they make spontaneous travel decisions.

These unprecedented insights into tourists' travel behaviour and decision-making will create value for the tourism industry and the Tasmanian community, and will help to ensure the tourism sector continues to grow.

The Sense-T Sensing Tourist Travel project is one of 14 Industry Research Projects currently being undertaken with funding provided by the Australian Government through the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan.

Published on: 31 Jul 2015