Tasmania's unique Sense-T showcased to Chinese investors

Chinese investors have been given an insight into the enormous potential of Sense-T's world leading sensors and data platform.

University of Tasmania Vice Chancellor Peter Rathjen showcased Sense-T as part of his presentation to the TasInvest 2014 event which coincides with the historic visit to Tasmania by Chinese President Xi Jinping.UTAS VC Peter Rathjen at TasInvest

The next generation sensors and 'big data' platform developed by Sense-T are currently being tested and refined before delivery to Tasmanian farmers next year by the University of Tasmania's commercial spin-off company, Sense-Co.

The sensors, which have been developed by Sense-T as the result of partnership between the University of Tasmania and the CSIRO and funding from the Australian and Tasmanian Governments, are cost-effective, quick to install and easy to operate.

They give a unique insight into conditions across a farm by monitoring variables such as soil temperature and moisture at various depths, leaf wetness and solar radiation, and providing easy access online or through smartphone apps.

This information will increase agricultural productivity, efficiency and sustainability by helping farmers to make more informed on-farm decisions

The approach developed by Sense-T is designed to be scalable and applicable around the world, making it an ideal way to increase agricultural productivity in rapidly growing countries such as China.


Published on: 18 Nov 2014