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Mar 5

South Australians get the Sense-T tour

A South Australian delegation was shown a taste of Tasmanian innovation, with a tour of Sense-T projects.

Feb 27

Oyster sensors feature in New Scientist magazine

Renowned international science magazine New Scientist reports on Sense-T and its work with oysters.

Feb 21

What koala noises can tell us about the environment

The presence or absence of animal species, including koalas, is a key indicator of environmental health. A team based at the Queensland University of Technology are using bio-acoustic sensors to monitor a range of animal sounds to help understand environmental changes.

Feb 20

Sense-T Robots!

Meet Husky, the newest addition to the Sense-T team. Husky has all-terrain capabilities and can carry 20kg. She also has a 360 degree laser scanner for avoiding crashes, a GPS to find her current location and twin cameras for stereo vision.

Feb 11

Sense-T features on ABC 7.30 Tas

Meet some of the people behind Sense-T on a report by ABC 7.30 Tas: Technology to trigger a food revolution which aired on Friday 7 February.