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Nov 11

Next generation sensing trials

The trials are underway to test telemetry and system configuration of the prototype commercial sensing systems designed in collaboration with Grey Innovation. The systems are designed to be cost-effective, quick to install and easy to operate.

Nov 8

A new home at the wharf for Ozzie the oyster

Ozzie the Oyster has left the comfy confines of the laboratory for a new home on the wharf. But the cooler, more turbulent water might have come as a bit of a shock to poor Ozzie, judging by the initial period spent with shell closed tight.

Nov 7

Sense-T Director talks the "internet of things" on San Francisco panel

Sense-T Director Ros Harvey has been in San Francisco presenting to some of the world's biggest corporate brands.

Oct 9

Sense-T profiled at APEC

While Prime Minister Tony Abbott represented Australia at the APEC Summit in Bali, Sense-T represented Tasmania. The program was profiled in a report for the APEC CEO's Summit as a leading innovation project in the Asia-Pacific.

Oct 1

Harnessing Big Data for good

Sense-T Director, Ros Harvey, talks about how Big Data can be harnessed to drive sustainability (and why it doesn't need to be creepy) on the latest blog by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).